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Most Unknown short cut Ctrl + ’

There are many ways you can copy the formula to a cell from the cell above. One way is to press Ctrl + D and other method is Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V. Consider the below example. In the cell C926 we have a formula =SUM(C2:C925) which sums the data from cell C2 […]

Power of Find All with Ctrl + A

Most of the Microsoft Excel users are aware of the short cut key Ctrl + A. What it does is selecting the entire contents of the table if the cursor is in any of the table in the work sheet, or the entire sheet if the cursor is outside the table data of Excel. But […]

Go To Special function in Excel

Go To Special is a powerful function in excel which is not known to most of the excel users. This can be accessed through any of the below methods Home tab of the Ribbon / Find & Select button OR  Ctrl + G OR the F5 key Click on the special button, there you will find […]